Meet Kelly 

Queen Visionary of CleverBody
and Educator with big dreams. 

Hey, there! I'm Kelly.

Originally from Small Town Wisconsin, I now live in Big City Denver. I like long walks on the beach...wait.

I'm happily (most days) married to an amazing guy, have an adorable corgi named Dante, and am fascinated and energized by all things food, nutrition, and health. 

I'm also a HEALED lifelong sufferer of undiagnosed food allergies, food intolerances, and food sensitivities. Trust me when I say I know how low and miserable you can feel when you're suffering in your stomach. 

I started CleverBody because I'm passionate about excellent health and want to help and inspire others to reach their version of it.

CleverBody was created to help you by providing the support and answers you're looking for. 

Basically I create a safe space for you to talk about and fix your tummy troubles so you can attain YOUR version of excellent health.  

I help you calm and normalize your stomach and identify and eliminate all the sabotages (food and otherwise) that are holding you back.

It turns out that I'm really good at what I do. I've helped hundreds of people completely change their relationship with their stomach. 

I've been in your shoes before, so I'm here to help. 

XX, Kelly 

P.S. It took me a very long time and a degree in Human Nutrition & Dietetics ( and then a bit more time plus a lot of trial and error), but I finally figured it out. The truth is it doesn't matter how well you eat if you're eating things that make you sick, usually without even realizing it. 

P.P.S. Having someone to guide you step-by-step through the process is life changing. I know what it's like to feel bloated, frustrated, and unsure of where to even start and I'm here to help. 

Take the first step

Take the first step

Hey, there! I'm Kelly.