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Are you ready to learn how to lose belly fat? 

If you're trying to lose 30 or more pounds, the struggle can be so real. You feel like you've done everything "right," but can't seem to lose it and forget about keep it off. You're tired of feeling frustrated. You just want to feel good in your body. Love, I hear you. 

Breadbasket, Love Handles, Pudge, Spare Tire, Muffin Top...  
No matter what you call it, belly fat is the worst, right?

I'm a weight loss nutritionist, health coach, corgi cuddler, small town gal,  & mountain adventurer...who's lost over 30 pounds and kept it off.  

I'm actually a lot like you. I struggled so hard trying to lose weight. I fell into old diet habits and fad diet traps even when I knew better. And having PCOS only made it that much harder, but I finally figured it out. I've lost over 30 pounds and I'm easily keeping it off.

Now I want to help women just like you do the same thing.  

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Losing weight is hard. How would I know? 

“I'm so happy! I love that I get to eat real food AND I'm losing weight. I'm so impressed!” 

Jessi, Denver CO

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From Overwhelmed to OVerJoyed

Fortified with years of experience, science, and expert research, my program, The CleverBody Weight Loss Method, will teach you how to lose belly fat. With my proven, step by step process, specifically designed for women, I'll teach you all my secrets and give you the support and tools you need to succeed. 

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"Working with Kelly has been a game changer. Not only have I lost weight, but I'm really in tune with my body now. I'm feeling really good!” 

Karen, Madison Wi